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Counselling Cambridge for bereavement, depression, stress, anxiety, relationships. Call 07967 561031
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How can I help?

I see clients, adult individuals and couples, in Little Shelford, Cambridge CB22 5EW. I also work as a counsellor for the Cogwheel Trust in Cambridge. The Cogwheel Trust is a charity in Cambridge which sees clients whose “life has slipped out of gear”. This has given me a wide and varied experience of working with all issues. I was also the staff counsellor at Addenbrookes hospital and hence have NHS experience.

I supervise counsellors either individually or in groups. I am the supervisor to qualified counsellors at JHD Counselling in Cambridge and I used to be a supervisor at CRUSE, the specialist bereavement charity and have an extensive experience of dealing with grief.


Bereavement is the time we spend adjusting to loss of someone. There is no standard time limit and there is no right or wrong way to feel during the bereavement period. Grief, although normal, can manifest in a huge range of unexpected emotions and these feelings of fear, anger, depression etc. can be overwhelming and counselling can help to normalise the way that we can feel.


Some anxiety is normal and everyone feels anxious at times of stress, e.g. when moving house, sitting an exam, starting a new job. However, sometimes the feeling of anxiety can become overwhelming and is constant and can affect daily life. Increased anxiety can cause panic attacks and generally make day to day life very difficult.


Depression is a low mood that lasts for a long time. Depression can range from mild to severe but gets in the way of normal life. Depressive feelings are complex i.e. sad, angry, guilty, to name a few, and can result in a loss of enjoyment of previously enjoyed activities. Feelings of self-harm and suicide can occur.

Separation and Loss

When we lose something very precious to us, whether it is a person, pet, job, house, relationship, health, we need time to adjust to this loss and the unexpected emotions and feelings can be overwhelming.

Relationship Issues and Couples

Relationships and friendships can be very difficult and challenging at times. Exploring how we communicate as both an individual and/or a couple can be beneficial to all our relationships.

Sometimes a relationship has naturally come to an end and the breakdown of the relationship can be more amicable with the aid of therapy.

Anger Management

Anger is a perfectly normal and healthy emotion to feel. It is how we deal and react to those feelings that matter. Sometime we feel that being angry is wrong so we suppressed the feelings which can result in unresolved feelings which can be hard to manage.


An addiction is a habit that has become out of control and gets in the way of everyday life. Exploring how the addiction may occur and the feelings surrounding the addiction can help on the road to overcoming the addiction.

Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is characterised by a fascination with food or the lack of it. There can also be a significant fascination with the way that one looks. Exploring the route of an eating disorder and the feelings experienced when the disorder is most prevalent can help on the road to recovery.

Career Changes

Career changes can be exciting but also daunting. There can be a fear of starting something new and a grieving process for what we leave behind. There could be a lot of uncertainty to manage.

Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem is having a low opinion of ourselves and often results from childhood experiences. Understanding the route of our self-esteem can help to explore techniques to raise opinions of ourselves and our abilities.


How we relate to other humans is learnt in childhood. Understanding our own attachment style is beneficial in understanding our behaviour when are hurt, separated or perceiving a threat.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Whilst pregnancy and childbirth are times of great joy, they can also be times of anguish, worry, loss and adjustment. Having a safe and confidential place to explore these feelings can be very helpful.


£50 Individuals

£70 Couples

(50 minute session)